Pont du Gard

An exceptional natural site, a prestigious monument from the Roman times, with 40 centuries of history.

The Pont du Gard is a very special natural and historic site located around the ancient roman aqueduct bridge, in the French Region of Occitanie. It is the highest aqueduct bridge in Europe and it attracts many tourists throughout the year.

Since 1840, the site has been successfully preserved thanks to various protections measures. It was added to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites in 1985 and granted the title of “Grand Site de France” in 2004.

the pilot project




4 objectives

OBJ 1 ⇒ Monitor the flow of tourists and visitors on site (complex) : by car, by bus, by bike, by canoe, on foot.

OBJ 2 ⇒ Entries, time passed on site, departures

OBJ 3 ⇒ Re-direct tourists to different places if overcrowded

OBJ 4 ⇒ Observe the satisfaction of the tourists

solutions planed


        • 2 Webcams on the Gardon, close to the bridge
        • 8 eco-sensors
        • Web app Pont du Gard (profiling, geolocalisation


        • 2 systems of cameras scanning the licence plates of the vehicals at the 2 parking places
        • Ticketing (on site, on line)


        • Web app Pont du Gard (profiling, geolocalisation)


        • TravelsatPulse© – traveler sentiment and review data






The Herit Data plateform has been integrated in the Unesco plan of the site, which is an important point for he sustainability of the project

The actual existing data and material has been identified and integrated within the project

The new material and software is been identified right now and the administrational work is ongoing

4 technical and 1 strategic meeting with the site

♦ 1 meeting between the Herit Data project team and the Pont du Gard

Difficulties encountered

2 total shutdowns due to the Covid Pandemic Crisis :
One for 3 months (march – June)
One since 2 weeks and with no end in view

Staff of the Pont du Gard is on leave and 100% not working during these shutdowns.

The project is facing a new long interruption

The Région Occitanie is trying to advance the administrational work (votings, official agreements, etc)


Timeline of buying and installing the tools differed
Timeline of data gathering differed