Pilot sites V2

The project will be implemented in six pilot sites in Dubrovnik (Croatia), Pont du Gard (Occitanie Region, France), Ancient Olympia (Western Greece Region, Greece), Florence (Tuscany Region, Italy), Valencia (Valencia Region, Spain) and Mostar (Bosnia Herzegovina).

Updates about the pilot sites will be regularly published.

Read the latest update of Valencia Pilot site : First sensors installed

This automn, we will take a look at how this unprecedented summer season went in some of our pilot sites.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought many unforeseen challenges in the tourism sector, with no exception for our pilot sites in Dubrovnik (Croatia), Pont du Gard (France), Ancient Olympia (Greece), Florence (Italy), Valencia (Spain) and Mostar (Bosnia Herzegovina).

All the sites had to shut down for several weeks due to lockdown measures, and their re-opening did not bring the same numbers of visitors than in previous years. Most of them had to count on domestic visitors rather than international ones.

For example, the Florence pilot site adopted several measures to promote tourism, such as the Florence Welcome Card, allowing for discounts on several attractions, or the presence of popular web influencers in key heritage sites.

The Mostar old town attracted mainly domestic tourists, who could benefit from tourism vouchers, and tourists from neighbouring countries, especially from Serbia. Like in other pilot sites, Mostar adopted measures to keep the touristic sites safe: availability of sanitizing gel at each entry point, obligation to wear a mask, social distancing in closed sites.