Western Greece - Ancient Olympia

Olympia is a small town in the Region of Western Greece -in the valley of Alfeios River- and is one of the most valued archaeological sites of the country. Despite its isolated location, Olympia is widely known as the most important religious and athletic center of Greece where in ancient times took place a festival called the Games in the honor of Zeus. This tradition turned to be the worldwide institution of Olympic Games.

Ancient Olympia has been recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site since it meets the criteria related with the authenticity and the universal value of the site. Every year, especially between May and October, visitors from all around the world enjoy a touristic tour that starts from the Port of Katakolo and which includes visits at the Archaeological Site of Olympia, the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of History of the Olympic Games and Antiquity and the Temple of Apollo Epicurius at Bassae.

The Region of Western Greece participates in the HERIT-DATA project and plans to collect primary data through the installation of cameras and sensors at the sites of Ancient City of Olympia, the Temple of Apollo Epicurius and the Port of Katakolo.

For the region of Western Greece, the HERIT-DATA project is an opportunity to overcome the negative impacts of mass tourism in a cultural, economic and environmental level and to promote a more sustainable kind of tourism in the area. Beneficiaries of such a project are not only the local authorities, but also the residents of the area, the employees in the touristic services, as well as tourists themselves.




5 objectives

OBJ 1 ⇒ Data
> access (difficulties regarding access to different data sources)
> availability (no and/or limited open data)
> format (improper, preparation before processing)

OBJ 2 ⇒ (Un)available infrastructure (e.g.network/internetconnection)

OBJ 3 ⇒ Human resources - skills and training

OBJ 4 ⇒ Legal framework for surveillance (data protection)

OBJ 5 ⇒ Delays due to Covid pandemic
> Delays in public admin procedures
> Prolonged nationwide lockdowns
> Impact on tourism flows





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