Western Greece - Ancient Olympia

Olympia is considered one the most important archaeological sites in Greece, listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. For this reason, the HERIT-DATA Greek partner, the Region of Western Greece, chose it as a pilot site to collect data about tourism flows and carrying capacity.

Along with the ancient city of Olympia, data will also be collected from the Temple of Apollo Epicurius at Bassae, and from the Port of Katakolo. It is planned to collect secondary data (desk research) and primary data (through the use of sensors), feeding the overall database of the HERIT-DATA project.

Like in all countries, the lockdown imposed in March obliged to close all archeological sites and museums in Greece until the 18th May (archeological sites) and the 15th June (museums). However, since their reopening, the number of visitors is still very low compared to previous years. The Greek tourism authorities are hoping that the sanitary measures put in place will help to create a safe environment for visitors to come back during the remaining part of the season.

Like the other pilot leaders, which were supposed to start collecting primary data in summer 2020, the Region of Western Greece had to postpone data collection for next summer, hoping to capture more relevant data on the tourism flows. This year, the Region of Western Greece will collect data concerning tourism flows from previous years and analyse it on the HERIT-DATA platform (that we briefly presented in the last E-flash).

This will allow to test the platform by using past data and prepare the field for a smooth transition towards the use of real-time data next year.