The Old Bridge in the Old Town of Mostar

Embracing diversity, a unique natural and built settings endowed with centuries of history and meaning

The magnificent Old Bridge with the Old Town of Mostar accompanied by the whirling rustle of the Neretva River is a unique site and attraction. It is a place where the East and the West meets. It is an outstanding example of a multicultural urban settlement, and this factor explains a great part of its fascination.

The Old Bridge was built in 16th-century. It stood for 427 years, until it was destroyed in 1993 during the War in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The rebuild bridge opened in 2004 and was added to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites in 2005.




4 objectives

OBJ 1 ⇒ Monitor the Old Bridge capacity and the flow of tourist in the Old Town area of Mostar

OBJ 2 ⇒ Improve the site management through real-time data measurement

OBJ 3 ⇒ Create new cultural routes in order to diversify tourist offer

OBJ 4 ⇒ Enhance both tourists and inhabitants experience of site

solutions planned

• Monitoring the Old Bridge capacity and the flow of tourist in the Old Town area will be done by 2 counting cameras, which will be the first case of real-time data measurement in cultural heritage sites or historical cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The real-time data together with statistical data will be processed at the Herit-Data platform. The platform will create analytics that will help local stakeholder to plan short-term and long-term strategies of tourist flows.

• The real-time data showing if the site is “overcrowded” or not of will be available to the tourist and inhabitants through the Tourist Board websites linked to the Herit-Data platform, and eventually through one of the already existing Apps. 

A thematic cultural route identifying different heritage types will be proposed. The routs may be used as base for nudging strategy.


• Statistical and historical data for the past 3 years were collected and uploaded to the Herit-Data platform.

• The counting cameras are ready to be installed this summer and start real-time data measurement.

• The collaborative links were made with the responsible local stakeholders who would overtake the real-data management after the project lifetime.



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