The historical core of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik – Pearl of the Adriatic

More than a thousand years of Dubrovnik's history is present in every part of this city, which is a city museum and a living stage, an ideal blend of history and modernity. Since 1979, the City of Dubrovnik has been under the protection of UNESCO, as a harmonious, high-value ensemble of city walls, historic buildings, streets, squares and numerous monuments of sacred and secular architecture.




3 objectives

OBJ 1 ⇒ Strengthening a more holistic sustainable development of tourism thanks to the transnational use of data and smart technologies

OBJ 2 ⇒ Generate new alternative offers adapted to the interests of visitors to better distribute their crowd flows

OBJ 3 ⇒ Decrease the impact of mass tourism on cultural heritage sites, cities and monuments

solutions planned

The people counter system is primarily designed as a tool that will collect information about the actual number of people within the historic core of Dubrovnik as well as their behavior in different parts of the day.

The visitor counting system consists of six counting cameras placed on all entrances and exits of the Dubrovnik historic core.

Data collected from the cameras is updated every 15 minutes.

The system is GDPR compliant. The camera has a built-in processor that preprocesses the image on-site and sends only a number (the number of people entering and exiting through historical core entrances) to the Internet server.

Based on this information and data we can make smarter and more rational decisions about pedestrian traffic management around and in the historic core and find out better ways to organize the delivery and supply of the historic core.


Cameras of the people counter system are placed on all entrances and exits of the Dubrovnik historic core and data is sent to Snap4City platform.



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