Located in the South of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mostar is one of HERIT-DATA pilot sites. This city does not yet face a phenomenon of tourism overcrowding like other locations do. However, a large majority of tourists tend to visit exclusively the old Ottoman bridge, which makes it necessary for the city to start thinking about how to prevent harmful effects of too big crowds concentrated in a limited space.

In this sense, the data and results that will be obtained in Mostar through HERIT-DATA can lead to an optimal setting of the site management, starting from the very beginning by planning the scale of tourism and the carrying capacity of the city.

The Centre for Spatial Research, who manages the pilot activity in Mostar, wants to bring forward the city’s tourism management agenda, so that Mostar can compete with other destinations, despite its complex political context.

The Mostar pilot will be an occasion for the Centre for Spatial Research to bring all relevant stakeholders around the same table. They will try different innovative tools to facilitate collaborative work through HERIT-DATA project, in order to start solving issues and improving both the experience of tourists visiting Mostar and the quality of life of those who live there.

Mostar aims to learn from the experiences of the other HERIT-DATA pilot sites in order to develop the best possible model for the management of tourism. The goal is to achieve a greater balance between the increasing flow of tourists and the protection of Mostar’s unique cultural heritage, which makes this city so exceptional.