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The cradle of Renaissance, a treasures island made of monuments, frescoes and so much more

Florence is a city with huge artistic and architectural assets, the cradle of the Italian Renaissance. UNESCO World Heritage sites since 1982, an ever-green destination with its Unesco area enclosed in the medieval walls, and a high number of cultural attractions : 42 museums, 11 gardens, 35 monuments/piazzas, 21 cultural institutions, 9 libraries, 30 foreign Institutes and Universities, et al. 




4 objectives

OBJ 1 ⇒ Monitoring the tourists flow, exploiting also the sentiment analysis to read the moods

OBJ 2 ⇒ Interacting with visitors by means of App and other tools to virtuously orient behaviors

OBJ 3 ⇒ Building an infrastructure and methodology to be transferred in other cultural sites

OBJ 4 ⇒ Creating new open data

solutions planned

Starting point is data selection and acquisition, to have the best information to monitor people flows. Data can be acquired by means of cameras, wi-fi access points, sentiment analysis and then ingested by a smart city platform, to be transformed in indicators, enriched data and populate the many potential dashboards. The monitoring process is therefore alive, supporting subsequent mitigation and improvement actions. Tourists/people can be outreached by means of Web App, App and physical tools disseminated within the city, so to be monitored and oriented. Tools/methods such sentiment analysis and nudging can constantly support in understanding and orienting respectively moods and behaviors.


A Florence pilot project platform has been created, with a stakeholder data sharing approach, so to be as much effective as possible. The local stakeholders have been involved in the project, and this helped in drawing attention from other actors at local, regional and national level, unleashing new potential experimentation scenarios. The platform has been integrated with the Municipality App FeelFlorence, so to outreach the targets. Nudging experimentation will take place in Florence in 2021.



useful information

Link to Herit-Data on Snap4City tool : https://www.snap4city.org/drupal/node/629


♦ Davide Bruno, heritdata@remove-this.regione.toscana.it
♦ Paolo Nesi, paolo.nesi@remove-this.unifi.it



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