In the past years, Dubrovnik has seen a massive increase of tourist arrivals: in 2016 alone, about one million tourists visited its walled old town, the majority of which were cruise tourists.

The city of Dubrovnik has taken measures to face the growing number of tourists. For example, the “Respect the city” project sets goals and actions to reduce the negative effects of overtourism. These include the partnership with cruise management companies, in order to limit the arrival of cruise tourists per day, and the collection of data about tourist flows.

HERIT-DATA has included Dubrovnik Old Town as one of its pilot sites, where data collection measures and tools will be tested to inform decision making and to improve the tourists’ experience.

The Dubrovnik Development Agency (DURA) has seen in HERIT-DATA an opportunity to help preserving the heritage of the city, the quality of life of its citizens and to provide the best experience of Dubrovnik to visitors.

The platform and IT tools that will be developed within the project will be integrated to existing ones, such as a website that provides real time data about the number of visitors in the city and predicts the level of crowdedness in the Old Town.

“HERIT DATA is a great opportunity for our agency to solve some of the issues related to overtourism in Dubrovnik, because the project aims to reduce the negative effects of this phenomenon through a combination of ICT measures and solutions.” says Stjepan Cavar, from the Dubrovnik Development Agency.