The MED Sustainable Tourism Community in Croatia

The MED Sustainable Tourism Community will gather on 27-28 March in Split.

The MED Sustainable Tourism Community will gather on 27-28 March in Split, Croatia, to work together towards the drafting of the policy recommendations. Two workshops will be organised at this purpose, one facilitated by the Community Building team and the other one by the Capitalisation teams of the BleuTourMed project and four external experts.

In the Workshop #1 participants will work on how to shape their results in view of the Community final conference scheduled for 5-6 June in Barcelona, Spain. Modular Projects will have the opportunity to identify priorities of capitalisation actions and how to harmonise their final and most important tangible outputs as a Community. They will also present established synergies and the follow-up activities of their projects towards the end of the testing period and the beginning of the capitalization and transferring period.

The workshop #2, facilitated by the Capitalisation team with the support of four external experts, will be oriented towards the finalisation of the “policy factsheets” and the “Thematic factsheets” of the four Working Groups, composed by modular projects representatives, capitalisation experts from the modular projects, external experts, and policy-makers. This workshop is the final step of the activities of the Working Groups, who met for the first time in Marseille and via two webinars, which will contribute to the production of the policy recommendations to be presented at the final conference of the Community.